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Find answers to commonly asked questions here!

Still have questions? Email us at or DM us on Instagram @cjdfirstaidllc.

  • What are CJD FIRST AID terms & conditions of service?
    Classes are non-refundable. Service rendered by CJD FIRST AID are payable on receipt. CJD FIRST AID accepts cash, credit/debit, Zelle, Venmo, and business checks. Business checks should be made payable to CJD FIRST AID. Please contact us directly for our Zelle or Venmo payment information. Late cancellations (less than 2 hours for individuals, less than 72 hours for group bookings) and absences on the day of class will forfeit their deposit. Certifications are not released until completion of payment/zero balance. Students who successfully complete the course and have a zero balance will receive their digital certifications as early as 12 hours, no later than 5 days from the date of class (not including Federally observed holidays). Individuals are allowed 1 reschedule with deposit transfer if done 2 hours prior to the scheduled class start time. Group booking reschedules require 72 hours’ notice to qualify for deposit transfer. Facility is responsible for the final invoice and/or total number of attendees on the day of class, whichever amount is largest. Invoiced clients will adhere to net 30, within date of service unless otherwise agreed upon in writing by all parties involved. CJD FIRST AID provides mobile, at-your-facility training. On-site trainings at locations that are in excess of a 25-mile radius from Newark, New Jersey and/or out-of-state will be subject to an increased cost per student, to be agreed upon prior to the final invoice.
  • I want to take the American Heart Association BLS class remotely. How would I do that?
    1. Purchase the 2020 HeartCode BLS Student program ($32.50) at the American Heart Association's website by clicking here.You will also need to purchase the 2020 BLS Provider Student Manual ($15 for digital, $17.50 for hardcopy). If you would prefer an electronic/digital version of the manual, please click here. If you prefer a hardcopy version of the book, please click here. 2. Upon completing the HeartCode BLS Student program, you will request to book the AHA HeartCode BLS Hands-On Training session on our website in order to complete the hands-on and written exam requirement for this class. 3. Upon successful completion of both the online HeartCode BLS program AND the hands-on/written exam portions, you will receive your BLS CPR card within 72 hours. Please Note: you will not be certified/re-certified until you successfully complete BOTH the online program and the hands-on sessions.
  • What is the format for the Blended Learning courses?
    In the Blended Learning courses, the student will have the lecture and Q&A portion of the course online using the Zoom platform. Upon successful completion of the online portion, the student will email us at to request an appointment for the in-person skills session to perform the practical skills and/or take the written exam. Only upon successful completion of both would the student receive their certification cards.
  • How do I register for the Blended/Remote Learning courses?
    Before registering for any Blended Learning courses, please review all FAQs pertaining to Blended Learning. Once you have reviewed and understood the terms and conditions for our Blended Learning classes, you can head over to the Booking page to register. On the Registration page in the Additional Information box, please state your interest in either the Blended Learning or In-Person learning track. Please contact us at if you have any additional questions.
  • I took the online portion of the Blended Learning course. Does this mean I am now certified?
    NO. You are not certified until you have completed both the online lecture/Q&A and passed the practical session and/or exam. If the class only has a lecture/Q&A and no practical (such as Bloodborne Pathogens) then you will receive certification upon completing the online portion.
  • I just booked a class for myself. What happens now?
    Great! You will receive an email from CJD First Aid LLC confirming your booking information. The deposit you paid on the Booking page will be credited to your class balance. The balance due will be paid on the day of class. Continue reading our FAQ page for further details on our policies.
  • I want to book a class for my facility/organization/group, etc. How would I do that?
    Awesome! Use the Classes Offered button on our page to select the class. Then, on the Registration page in the "Additional Information" box, please state your preferred class date & time, the name of your facility, and the number of students that are expected to attend. You will then receive an email from CJD First Aid LLC confirming your booking information. We will send you an invoice via email requesting the class deposit within 2 hours of booking. The deposit for a facility/organization/group, etc. booking is $100. All deposits paid will be applied to the total balance owed. In order to maintain your booking, you must satisfy this invoice within 24hrs of receipt or your class booking will be cancelled.On the day of class, your facility will receive an invoice for the balance due. Failure to pay invoices will result in class cancellation or the withholding of course completion cards. Please note: your facility will be held financially responsible for all students originally booked.
  • I need a BLS Provider CPR class. Should I register for the ASHI or AHA class?
    Both agencies, American Heart Association (AHA) and American Safety and Health Institute (ASHI), are accredited certifying bodies that are approved by the NJ Department of Health, NYS/NYC Department of Health, and many other regulatory bodies throughout the United States. With that said, there are healthcare systems/companies/schools/agencies, etc. that prefer AHA to ASHI. We recommend contacting your program director/supervisor to verify whether they have a preference before booking the class.
  • How long will my certification last?
    CPR, Basic First Aid, and Epi-Pen administration certifications lasts 2 years. Bloodborne Pathogens certification lasts 1 year.
  • When will I receive my cards?
    All students that successfully complete a class will receive their cards within 5 days. In many cases, we can get your certification card to you within a few hours of completing the course. Please note, no certification cards are released until completion of payment.
  • Which dates/days/times are available for booking?
    Here at CJD First Aid we pride ourselves in providing clients flexibility. The only dates we close are Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day. Other than those holidays, we accept bookings Mon.-Sun. 8 AM to 6:30 PM.
  • What happens if a class gets cancelled?
    Typically, CJD First Aid does not cancel classes unless there is a declared state of emergency. The only other circumstance that would necessitate a class cancellation is low enrollment. CJD First Aid will immediately refund monies paid by students if the scheduled class is cancelled.
  • Do you offer bilingual classes?
    YES! We have several bilingual instructors available that are fluent in Spanish. If you need a Spanish-speaking instructor, please mention that in the comment box on the Booking page.
  • I was unable to attend a class I booked. Do you provide refunds?
    NO. Classes are non-refundable. If you are unable to attend a class you registered for, please contact us by phone (call or text) 732-630-9010 or email at no later than 2 hours before the class start time. We can then reschedule you for the next available class date/time. Your deposit or full payment will carry over to the rescheduled class. If you cancel the class less than 2 hours before its start time or reschedule more than once, you will forfeit your deposit/full payment and will have to pay again to book another class.
  • What is the attendance policy?
    Our instructors expect students to be ready for class at the scheduled start time. If the student is more than 15 minutes late, they will not be allowed to take part in the class and must contact us to be rescheduled.
  • What is the minimum number of students required to book a group class?
    CJD FIRST AID requires a minimum of 8 students to book a group class. Please note, your facility/organization will be held responsible for the number of students originally booked, regardless of attendance of the day of class.
  • I booked for my facility but on the day of class, several people failed to attend. Will my facility still be financially responsible for those absent students?
    YES. Your facility will be financially responsible for all students originally booked. In order to avoid this, we recommend you discuss availability with your employees first, then book with us once you have all agreed on an appropriate date/time.
  • Where is your training site located?
    Currently, CJD FIRST AID is only providing at-your-facility in person training.
  • Is there a class size limit?
    Class size limit is based upon the dimensions of the training space available at your location. Please note, the training space must allow for proper social distancing between students and room to demonstrate skills.
  • Will I have to wear a mask and gloves during my training?
    Masks and gloves are recommended, but not required in our trainings. We encourage the use of PPE (personal protective equipment) during our courses.
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