CJD First Aid was established by C. Dawson, a pre-hospital medical professional with over 10 years’ experience providing emergency care to patients in New Jersey’s busiest EMS systems. That wealth of knowledge and experience is injected into every class we teach, as our founder is truly passionate about healthcare education. Our motto, “Empowering communities through healthcare training” are words that mean a great deal to us and we allow that motto to guide us in every training session we hold.


It is important to us that people leave our classes brimming with factual, evidence-based knowledge and skills that enable them to provide care to sick and injured persons. Our company also takes pride in making our classes engaging and entertaining with instructors who lecture instead of playing videos and encouraging active Q & A sessions during classes.


Our company has a training site located in Bloomfield, NJ but we also provide at-your-location training for groups of 8. For training and certification in CPR, AED use, Basic First Aid, Epi-pen administration, etc. or any other healthcare skill, book us today and let us demonstrate why our instructors are some of the best in the business!